Want To Know Why Some Couples Have Miscommunication? Here Is A Simple Illustration That Explains It All

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As much as you are head over heels with your partner, there comes a time in all relationships where you tend to  feel irritated or hostile towards them. It could’ve been a number of things! Maybe they forgot to take out the trash when they said they would, or left the sink filled with dirty dishes, or was it the time they arrived late to a family dinner? Whatever the reason could’ve been, you probably have had an exasperated thought that goes something like “Oh come on, even this you couldn’t accomplish?”

Well, the next time another incident like this happens, which it most likely will, try seeing it from another point of view.

This photo and story below is a perfect example of why couples should extend more patience and try harder to change their perspective towards their partner in times of struggle. Just this little change can go a long way in improving your relationship with everyone in your life.

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Source: https://i.redd.it/


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