Want To Lose Weight & Stay Hydrated? Drink Some FAT Water!

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Dave Asprey, the biohacker behind the cult favorite Bulletproof coffee trend, is out with a new product that purports to offer users extreme hydration with a sustainable energy source—two grams of fat from Asprey’s XCT oil.

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Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof. (Bulletproof)

Published by FoxNews

FatWater uses patented nanoparticles of Bulletproof’s signature oil—a potent MCT (medium chain triglyceride fat from coconuts) blend—that fuse with water so little droplets don’t float to the top of the product. In the athletic community, MCTs are known for helping to decrease body fat, increase muscle mass, and provide additional nutritional support– when consumed properly.

“We worked out a way to create a super tiny droplet to form, which allows water to get into your body more efficiently,” Asprey told FoxNews.com.  “The process took us about three years, its really not a simple thing to mix oil and water.”

Drinkers of Bulletrpoof coffee, which combines grassfed butter with XCT oil, swear by its ability to boost energy and promote weight loss, so can FatWater do the same thing?

“It’s a neat idea but I would never say any of this stuff is a silver bullet,” says Abel James Bascom, a Paleo-centric fitness guru and author of The Wild Diet. “But fueling with fat is something humans have been doing for thousands of years so its definitely better than a sugary sports drink.”

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FatWater contains just 20 calories per bottle while the average Vitamin Water formulation has 120 calories and about 30 grams of sugar. It currently comes in three flavors, berry, orange and lemon but the reviews from our tasters were pretty divided.

“It’s not too sweet, which is great, but it doesn’t really taste like lemon,” said one taster.

“The berry tastes like watered down medicine,” said another.

“It’s kindof a generic fruit flavor [berry] but its pretty good for the amount of calories it has.”

The lemon and berry are vaguely fruity so don’t expect a full-flavored juice– but both provide a satisfying drink for someone with a sweet craving who can’t spare the calories. Though the water itself is cloudy, the product doesn’t feel much different in the mouth than traditional water so the claim of more efficient hydration may not hold.

“If you’re working out, sticking out with regular water is your best bet,” says Dell Polanco, Head Coach at Brick New York, a chain of CrossFit style gyms. Though Polanco is a fan of “eating clean” and following a Paleo lifestyle, he cautions overdoing it on the MCT oils.

“Having one Bulletproof coffee a day is fine and it will give you energy but if you’re not working out a lot, or following a healthy diet, you won’t see results.”

FatWater does not contain any stimulants so it won’t provide a similar boost like those obtained from coffee or Red Bull. But Asprey says its a niche product for those looking to add more good fat into their diet in a unique way.

A concentrated formula of Bulletproof’s FatWater is now available online.

Published by FoxNews

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