WATCH: Arkansas Woman Steals Cop Car While Handcuffed & Hogtied

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Now this is something you don’t see everyday!

Greenwood, Arkansas resident Jessica SterlingĀ got into a high speed chase, crashed a vehicle, head butted a police officer, resisted arrest…and…then she stole a cop car. Greenwood police were forced to handcuff the SterlingĀ and hogtie her so she would not cause anymore injury to herself.

The arresting officer had left the air conditioning running in the cop car so that the suspect would not overheat, this turned out to be a bad idea!

While laying down in the backseat of the cop car, handcuffed and hogtied, Sterling managed to get the handcuffs in front of her body, climb through the divider window and steal the cop car. After a four mile chase, Sterling than crashed again, this time flipping the cop car over and smashing into gas pipes near a gas holding well.

Check out the video see all the craziness. We have included the full, raw police video as well, just in case you want to watch the entire seen play out.

FULL 14 Minute Video!