Watch As This Waitress Floors The Disgusting Jerk Who Groped Her

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Closed circuit cameras caught a waitress standing up for herself, as she should, after being groped by a disgusting, inappropriate customer.

As the waitress approaches a man at the bar, it appears the man tries to rub her neck. The waitress pushes him off of with force. The man immediately gets up and grabs her behind. Without hesitation the waitress turns around and clocks the guy with the menu she is holding. As if that wasn’t enough, the man goes back for more and gets knocked down to the ground for good this time after one more fateful blow from the waitress’ menu.

I have never understood why men feel it is okay to touch woman without their permission. I guess we will never know why, but as long as their are women out their like this…idiotic men just may think twice about touching women inappropriately.

Great job Ms. Waitress…We salute you!