Watch Happens When An Egg Is Cracked Under Water

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The researches over at Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences have a pretty intense job, but they also no how to have a little fun on the job every now and again.

While most of the days the researchers are observing marine life and their environments. However, they often like to conduct interesting and fun side experiments that include under water environments.

While we are sure you have probably never wondered what happens when an egg is cracked under water – it is an interesting thought – and quite an interesting result when conducted.

The footage below was initially shared as part of the “Water Moves” series back in 2011.

One would think that cracking an egg under water would release a gross, gooey mess – but it was actually not what happened  at all!

Due to the pressure levels that are found at the bottom of the ocean, the egg actually remains intact when cracked.

The egg is released from the shell and then makes its way back to its original shape!