Mother And Son Steal ALL The Halloween Candy, Leaving None For Other Kids

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Away from home on Halloween night, one family decided to leave a large amount of full-size candy bars outside their home for trick or treaters.  Among the candy bars was a note that read, “Help yourself but be considerate!”.

The family figured that a group of kids would more than likely come and take all of the candy bars at one point or another through the night, but what really happened was something they never expected.

The family had video cameras on their porch to catch all the action while they were away. Kids come and go taking one or two candy bars before moving on to the next house. Then there was that one kid who is seen taking as many candy bars as he possibly could carry in his arms. Then…the unthinkable happens. A mother comes to the porch with her child and begins to fill her candy bucket with candy bar after candy bar until there is nothing left.

Maybe this woman didn’t see the note! However, we would like to think that taking just one or two piece of candy would be common sense all the while teaching your child a lesson of honesty and consideration for others but clearly that was not the case in this instance.

Check out the actual footage below!