Watch What Happens When A 65-Year-Old Man Tries To Marry A 12-Year-Old Girl In NYC

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The statistics in regards to older men marrying young girls is mind boggling and disgusting. Every day thousand of girls are married to older men, denied their rights to education and opportunity and robbed of their childhood.

Many countries around the world find this practice normal, thankfully, in the United States, it is far from normal. More than 91 countries allow girls as young as six-years-old to be married. This is a problem.

Youtuber Coby Persin wanted to shed light on this disgusting practice, so he set up a social experiment in the heart of New York City in order to get people’s reactions.

With camera’s rolling, he had a 65-year-old man and a 12-year-old girl pretend to take wedding photos together. How did the folks of New York City react? Let’s just say the U.S. isn’t one of the 91 countries that approve of young girls getting married to creepy old dudes.