Watching Popcorn Pop At 30,000 Frames Per Second Is A Site To Behold

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There is a lot of beauty in our Universe and popping popcorn is one of those simply beauties that happens so fast, we most often don’t get a chance to appreciate it!

Warped Perception, Chicago-based Youtubers who’ve turned their Phantom Flex 4K high-speed camera on to popcorn and caught some incredibly amazing footage!

At 1,300 frames per second, the popcorn kernel leaps from the heating element and explodes into its puffy final form before coming down in a cloud of steam. Before it pops, the pressure inside reaches around 135 psi and its internal temperature hits 356 degrees Fahrenheit.

At 30,000 FPS—1,250 times slower than real time—you can watch the kernel’s insides expand peel the hard hull apart like a rose blooming.