Waterville Police Ask Public To Stop Lining Up In The Road Waiting To Enter Car Wash

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If you live in the Waterville area, you have probably noticed the massive line of cars that sit in the KMD roadway, waiting to turn into the J&S Oil car wash. 

It’s been happening for a long time and the Waterville police department…is over it!

Waterville police Chief Joseph Massey said Tuesday he’s received a number of complaints over the last few weeks of cars blocking the east travel lane of Kennedy Memorial Drive, and that some people have reported near-crashes.

Contributed Photo – Morning Sentinel

It used to be that we lived in a world where common sense prevailed…now…it would appear we don’t. 

I personally have dealt with this situation and it is a pain in the you know what. KMD is a hectic place to drive as it is…add in the line of stopped cars and mayhem ensues. 

If the car wash is busy…it may be best to just go to another one…or do a loop around and try again at a later time. 

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