This ‘Wave Pad’ Pong Float Is A Summer Gaming Game Changer!

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wave pad pong2

This awesome product is called a ‘Beer Pong Raft’ and it is made by a company called WavePad. If you are a fan of beer pong or any sort of pong, this is going to add a whole new level of awesomeness to your game! 

The pad allows you to stay cool in the water while playing a little pong with your friends. 🙂

wave pad pong1

Done playing pong, hop on the pad and float around! Obviously you will want to take advantage of the built in cup holders while you float! 🙂

Here is what the company offers in regards to the various pong pads!

  • They Can Do Single, Double, Triple Or As Many As You Would Like Pong Games On One Raft.
  • Same construction/material as all the rest of The WavePads Rafts.
  • All cup holders drilled out and a ball will bounce.
  • Can be completely rolled up to the size of a small propane tank.
  • 10 Cup or 6 Cup Option or even less.
  • Cups Touch at the Rims.
  • Cups Secure but Visible.
  • Won’t Deflate or Pop.
  • Lies Flat for Bouncing.
  • Can Add tie up-additional charge will apply.
  • Easily Personalized with any Design or Logo-additional charge will apply.
  • Can be used as a personal size water raft-tested up to 250lbs.
  • Even Play Flippy Cup!

They company offers a ton of different pads to float on. If you saw our viral article about the Aqua Lily Pad, then you will get the idea of the WavePad…it’s the same concept!

Want one of these awesome pong pads…you can get one here!


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