Wavy Lips Are The Latest ‘Beauty’ Trend Taking Over Social Media

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Is it a sign of quarantine boredom or are people just going crazy? It could be both, but ‘wavy lips’ are a thing and it’s incredibly weird.

And we though ‘duck lips’ were a bad social media trend.

Girls on Instagram and Tik Tok are showing off lips that have a distinctly scalloped shape with several defined arches instead of a normal, human curve. They’re called “octopus lips” or “Russian lips” because the trend apparently started in Russia.


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Is it real, or just an elaborate joke? No one really knows, but many speculate that the trend is part boredom, part Photoshop and part lip filters from an app.

I wouldn’t rush to try this out yourself however.

Doctors and estheticians warn that using lip fillers to achieve this look could cause permanent damage. If you want to try it, use a technique that doesn’t harm your actual lips or eyebrows.

What do you think? Cool, or not cool?