WaWa Customer Claims He Found Maggots In His Sandwich. Takes Video For Proof.

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A man in New Jersey reportedly found maggots in his Wawa sandwich and posted a video on YouTube to prove it.

Chris Garcia said he brought home a buffalo chicken cheesesteak sandwich from a Wawa convenience store in Ewing, N.J. after work on Saturday, The Trentonian reported.

But after taking a few bites, he reportedly noticed that the sauce on his sandwich wrapper was moving.

“My sauce started going up on my paper wrapper,” Garcia told The Trentonian. “Sauce isn’t supposed to do that. So I flipped my light back on and I saw two maggots just moving around on my sandwich.”

Garcia said he showed his sandwich to his mom before running to the bathroom to throw up, the report said.

Garcia took a video of the incident and posted it to Youtube.

After the video was recorded, Garcia took the sandwich back to the WaWa store where the manager offered Garcia another sandwich, or a refund. Garcia took the refund.

Garcia went to the hospital as well, where he was given medicine to kill off the bugs just in case he ended up eating a couple.

Wawa released a statement, in regards to the “unverified video,” to their website on Tuesday.

“We want to clear up any confusion surrounding the unverified video. Outside of this single, unauthenticated video, our robust internal investigation shows there is no evidence that substantiates the claims made in the video,” Wawa said. “In fact, we believe the circumstances described in the video are highly unlikely, if not impossible to occur in our store environment.”

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“However, because we take each and every complaint seriously, we are putting this allegation through our detailed authentication and assessment process,” they said.

Garcia is discussing the option of taking legal action against the chain, although he states it’s a matter of principle and not about a monetary compensation.