Ways to Increase the Life Of Your Brakes In Tucson

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You have the power to extend the lifespan of your vehicle’s brakes.  Be mindful of the manner in which you drive, opt for auto repair Tucson when necessary and you stand a good chance of maximizing the lifespan of your automobile’s brakes.  Let’s take a closer look at exactly what you can do to extend the useful life of your vehicle’s brakes.

Way #1: Drive the Right Way

The manner in which you drive really does impact the lifespan of your brakes.  Do your best to avoid pressing hard on the brakes.  The best way to brake to preserve brake pad lifespan is to intermittently tap the brakes as you approach the intended stopping point.  The spacing out of subtle pressure minimizes wear on the brakes.  Alternatively, a hard press wears down the brake pads that much faster due to heightened friction and heat.

So don’t wait until the last couple of seconds to hit the brakes.  Maintain a moderate rate of speed and keep at least three vehicle lengths of distance between you and the car ahead.  This careful approach to driving ensures you can brake correctly, ultimately helping your brakes last that much longer.

Way #2: Brake With One Foot

Plenty of people use two feet to press the brake pedal.  In fact, some people press the gas pedal in unison with the brake pedal.  There is no reason to use two feet while driving unless your vehicle has a manual transmission that requires pressing the clutch with your left foot.

Contrary to what some drivers think, pressing the gas and brake pedal with two feet does not enhance response time.  The bottom line is using two feet while driving prematurely wears down the brake pads and also warps the brake rotors.

Way #3: Obtain Auto Repair Tucson When Necessary

Timely auto repair Tucson and maintenance performed by trusted automotive experts will help maximize your brakes’ useful life.  If you drive a preowned vehicle or if your brakes are not as responsive as they were in the past, it is in your interest to obtain a vehicle checkup performed by our auto repair Tucson team.  Brake systems should be checked, maintained, and repaired as necessary.

A trustworthy auto repair Tucson crew will analyze the entirety of your vehicle’s brake pads, brake rotors, brake lines, and other subtleties of the brake system.  Be sure to have a comprehensive flush performed every two years to eliminate buildup.  If there is anything wrong with your brakes, our auto repair Tucson providers will level with you so you know exactly how much longer you can drive your vehicle before repair or replacement is necessary.

Way #4: Be Mindful of Your Braking Technique on Steep Declines

When driving downhill, use a lower gear as soon as the decline begins to mitigate the wear on your brakes.  Touch the brakes with light foot pressure every couple seconds as your vehicle gains speed.  If you were to ride the brakes all the way down the decline, it would generate considerable friction that heats the brake pads through consistent contact with the rotor.

Way #5: Master the Art of Coasting

Coasting involves removing your foot from the gas pedal so your vehicle can slow down prior to pressing the brakes.  Coasting is ideal as it reduces the frequency at which you have to use your vehicle’s brakes.  Though coasting is not always appropriate, it will help extend brake system lifespan when implemented prior to turns, slow-downs in traffic, and stop signs.

Way #6: Drive the Speed Limit or Slower

Driving is inherently fun as it provides an opportunity to travel faster than possible when running and lets the wind flow through your hair while you wheel around town listening to your favorite music.  However, if your goal is to extend the lifespan of your brakes, it is in your interest to drive at or below the posted speed limit.  Drive in excess of the speed limit and you will have to press your brakes that much harder to reach a full stop.  This heightened pressure wears away the brake pads, necessitating premature replacement.

Way #7: Reduce the Load on Board

If you have sports equipment, business-related cargo or anything else of considerable weight on board your vehicle, remove them.  Once you unload your vehicle, it will be that much easier to reach a full stop in a timely manner.  Even the addition of some particularly heavy aftermarket products has the potential to force the brakes to work harder in order to reach a full stop.  The bottom line is a lighter vehicle is easier on the brakes, gas tank, tires, and most importantly, your finances.

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