WCSH 6 News Meteorologist Takes Epic Photo Of Super Moon Lunar Eclipse

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Meteorologist Todd Gutner of WCSH 6 News in Maine took one seriously epic photo of last night’s super moon lunar eclipse. Well, maybe it’s wasn’t that epic…but he certainly made an valid attempt!

Gutner’s collegues sure had a good laugh with him on air this morning as they shared the epic photo in which Gutner posted late last night to this personal Facebook account.

WCSH quickly posted the video below with the headline, ‘Quick, somebody call  NationalGeographic’.

Gutner stated he set his alarm to wake up near the peak of the eclipse and when he woke up, he simply snapped this wonderful shot through his window.

All in all, it surely made for a funny segment on the morning newscast. What a great sense of humor they all have!



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