We Are Not Sure What Is Going On Here…But We Can’t Look Away

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One of our fans, Mark Stise recently asks us to take a look at his Youtube channel, so we did. We have never been more confused a day in our lives.

After browsing Mark’s Youtube channel we found something strange…we could not stop watching. Now, the reason we could not stop watching wasn’t because of the high entertainment value of the videos, or even the quality of the videos. After watching ten or so videos we realized, these are just so odd and strange that they are addicting to watch.

It is like a bad car accident, you want to check it out…but you don’t…you know?

It would appear that Mark is a police officer by day and by night time he is ‘Count Baldilocks’. Count Baldilock’s reviews strange movies and does so with his cats. The green screen used is nothing more than two green sheets tacked to the wall in poor fashion, but his passion is surely there.

Here are a few of our favorite videos from Mark’s Youtube channel. The videos are random, and the editing is priceless! Take a look and let us know what you think.






If this wasn’t enough and you want more…check out Mark’s Youtube Channel