Weatherman Has The Best Response To His Teen Daughter’s Text Doubting His Forcast

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Weatherman are not always the most liked of the news world. They are told frequently just how often they don’t get the weather forecast right, opposed to how often they do get it right. With that said, one would think that a weatherman’s family would take their forecast as truth…no matter what. 

Well, that isn’t the case. 

Turns out that wasn’t the case for Chris Holcomb, the Chief Meteorologist at WXIA-TV in Atlanta, GA. Last week, Holcomb received a text message from his 18-year-old daughter Claire, in which the teenager challenged her dad’s forecast because an app said there was no snow on the way.


The internet took to a liking of the weatherman’s witty response, some saying it’s the best text response of early 2017. 


In the end, Claire was right: It didn’t end up snowing as much as her dad predicted. And what did she think of her dad’s text? 

“She thought it was funny,” he said. “That’s just a typical banter that we have.”

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