31 Wedding Cake Disasters

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Awesome Jelly

The months and weeks leading up to a wedding are definitely some of the most exciting times for a couple to go through together. There is so much to plan and there is a myriad of decisions to make, such as settling on a date for the wedding, looking for the perfect location, finding the right dress, and the best task ever of choosing the wedding cake.
These days, the possibilities are endless. Bakers and cake decorators are so talented and can pretty much make anything of your choosing into a cake—or can they? While many brides and grooms have gorgeous wedding cakes on their special day, some are less lucky. A lot less lucky. Whether they chose the wrong design, the wrong baker or the wrong person to deliver the cake to the venue, their wedding cakes failed miserably at looking pretty. Here’s hoping the cakes tasted good, at the very least, and that the couples were able to laugh it off and enjoy their big day nonetheless.
We have rounded up a selection of some of the most unfortunate wedding cake fails. Read on to discover some disastrous baked creations that surely caused a scene on the wedding day.