Mother Throws Her Daughter A ‘Period Party’

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For young girls, having your first period can be a strange and uncomfortable situation.

However, for 12-year-old Brooke Lee, starting her period turned into a grand celebration when her mom Shelly threw her a “period party,” equipped with a delicious cake that read, “Congrats on your period.”

Good idea…or just plain weird?

Friends and family attended to support Brooke, gift her with tampons and pads and celebrate the milestone.

Brooke’s cousin, Autumn Jenkins, posted pictures of the bash on Twitter

Mashable spoke to Jenkins about Brooke’s reaction to the bash.

“Brooke wasn’t embarrassed by the period party.” she said. “She thought it was funny. It’s kinda normal for our family to do something like this.”


The reactions to the tweets certainly kept Brooke and her family laughing. 

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