Wendy’s Employee Gains A Lot Of Attention For Unique Voice: ‘Thought He Was A Recorded Voice’

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A Wendy’s employee has gone viral for his unique voice, which was captured on video by a drive-thru customer.

The customer, TikTok user Cherokee Chica, recorded herself ordering food at the fast food chain’s drive-up kiosk.

“I legit thought he was a recorded voice when I pulled up,” the TikTok user wrote over the video.

As she is ordering, the person on the other end is heard responding to her order requests with a monotonous tone that sounds more robot than human.


I should’ve recorded when I first pulled up but his voice caught me off guard , he’s definitely in the #wrongprofession #voiceeffets

♬ original sound – cherokeechica

The TikTokker was more impressed than anything. She said, the “guy sure did make my day.”

Wondering who this mysterious robot voice dude is? Well, some TikTok sleuths were able to track down the man behind the voice. He’s a Wendy’s worker who also regularly showcases his impressionist work on TikTok under the handle ShadowWielder.