Super Cheesy Wendy’s Training Videos From The ’80s Are Filled With Catchy Songs About Serving Food

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If you are searching around the internet for weird and interesting stuff, you have stumbled upon a little gem here.

During the 1980’s, everything was different and the videos below prove that.

Fast food giant Wendy’s released a series of training videos in the ’80s that were filled with super cheesy, yet catchy music – all about serving their food and drinks.

I bet you won’t get that tune out of your head!

Many companies would never speak about videos like these and leave them far in the past, but not Wendy’s – they embrace them and want the world to see them!

Well now you know how to serve cold drinks…but how the hell do you serve hot chili?

Awesome! You are ready to start learning how to grill up some meats now!

The social media world loves the videos, Twitter users especially. Even Wendy’s gets in on the action!