Westboro Baptist Church ‘ Thou Shall Demean, Spread Hate & Ram Thy Beliefs Down Civilian’s Throats’

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Why is the Westboro Baptist church so full of hate? This is the question that I feel I need to ask you all.

Yesterday the WBC took to the school yard of the Oak Park High School in Kansas City, Missouri yielding signs filled with horrible, hate filled messages.

The church sent out the above tweet yesterday letting the world know what they were up to as though someone cared. The message itself is ludicrous and just looks childishly written.

The students at Oak Park were not really keen on having the WBC at their school and they let them know in a big way, forcing them off of the property with a little picketing of their own!

These are children and young adults. Does the church truly feel that this is an appropriate way to speak or deal with children and young adults? Clearly they do, but it is wrong, childish and absurd.

When I was kid I attended church and even went to a catholic private school. Now, I may not be religious today and I have my reasons and the beauty ‘life’ allows me to do so without caring about what others think. However, with that said, I learned from a very young age that you should treat others the way you want to be treated. I never encountered such hatred from the church I attended and I would have been quite embarrassed seeing family and friends holding such ridiculous signage as the ones that appear in the photo above.

I was taught to love, accept and just be normal. The WBC clearly has an agenda, but spreading hate and creating discontent while trying to push that agenda is the exact opposite of what my impression of a ‘church’ should be.

The word ‘Hate’ is seen four times in the picture above. Demeaning language is also used both written and verbally during their protests. Is this what the WBC wants as an image? Is this what the church is all about? Would their ‘God’ want them going onto other peoples property and holding signs filled with hate? Please tell me WBC, where in the Bible does it state ‘thou shall demean, spread hate and ram thy beliefs down civilian’s throats.’?

In short, the WBC appears to be a bunch of yahoo’s who clearly have a ton of free time on their hands. Do people really read those horrific signs and allow those signs to affect them?

Anyhow, the WBC needs to get a grip and change their approach or just stay out of others lives. It is not their place to say anything to others or bring their angry hearts to their establishments.



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