What Are BB Creams?

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We are fortunate to live in an age where we have lots of learned knowledge about skincare and beauty regimes. However, with so much on the market, it can get confusing, and you can get overloaded. You may find yourself asking questions like What is BB cream? What is CC cream? Which one do I need? Hopefully, the information we have put together here for you will help you navigate the field of cream and choose the perfect one for you.


The Terminology

Let’s start with the basics; BB stands for beauty balm. This means the product works more in the way of coverage than you would get from an ordinary tinted moisturiser. You will also find other benefits to the product, such as sun protection, anti-aging properties, and priming properties. So, you could use a BB cream instead of using a form of foundation makeup. It offers superior coverage with a lighter finish, so your face doesn’t feel heavy and caked in makeup and also helps when it comes to covering blotchy skin. So, the main reasons people use BB cream is because it offers some protection, colour correction, moisturising, and makeup coverage.


When to Use BB Cream?

Being such a versatile product, it is vital that BB cream forms a staple part of your makeup bag. It comes into its own many times, and you will be glad you have it. If you are in a hurry and haven’t got time to complete a full makeup routine including primer, moisturiser and powder, then BB cream acts as a three in one and has this all covered for you so you can get your makeup on super-fast. Alternatively, you might just want to take a break from the heaviness of foundation. Sadly, while it is a fantastic product, a foundation can clog pores which in turn does cause breakouts. BB cream is lighter and offers you a similar level of coverage but allows your skin a break from being suffocated under foundation all of the time.

It is something you should have in your makeup bag when you go on holiday, as it also contains sun protection and cutsdown on the amount of makeup you need to carry, as it will act as the foundation and moisturiser. You will find BB cream is offered in many different skin tones, including a green tone which is perfect if you suffer from any redness of the skin. You can also use it to even out your skin tone. Finally, baby cream offers a more natural look. As already mentioned, foundation tends to be a little on the heavy side, and you may not want this in the summer when the sun is shining. BB cream is the perfect alternative as it helps with the natural no-makeup fresh face to look.


So, What about CC Cream?

Well, CC cream which stands for colour correcting is another product you may want in your makeup bag, and it is more specifically for times when you need to sort out the problems of sallowness or facial redness.  If you are suffering from more blemishes, large pores or redness, you may want to consider CC cream as an alternative. Generally, it contains anti-ageing ingredients, and these will include antioxidants and collagen. It does not contain any sun protection, which is why most people have both creams on hand in their makeup bag. CC cream is useful for brightening colour correction, moisturising, and high-quality priming.


Understanding Skin Types

For people with oily skin, BB cream can help reduce the appearance and the existence of oil in the skin. Because it is so light, it is perfect for the job, and CC cream Adds the coverage element if you are suffering from breakouts or redness of the skin.

Conversely, if you have dry skin, it is crucial that you moisturise it well. BB cream is suitable for moisturising the skin, but you should also be using a night cream, which has more time to work when you are asleep in bed. Night cream is designed to replenish the moisture in dry skin.

Combination skin which is perhaps the most common type of skin can also benefit from BB cream. It will act as a moisturiser which is still essential, especially if you have dry patches, but it also gives great coverage. If you are suffering from breakouts or skin redness CC cream might be a temporary solution, but overall BB cream on good skin days would be best.

Sensitive skin is best managed with BB cream because it is nice and light, and there are no nasty chemicals. You may still need to check what is in the BB cream you are looking at if your skin is that sensitive, but there are plenty that are naturaland easy to use no matter what skin type you have.