What Are The Price Ranges Of Airsoft Guns?

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Are you wondering how much airsoft guns cost today? After hearing some of your friends talk about their past airsoft matches, you probably want to jump in and start the hobby. Playing airsoft will give you tremendous amounts of unforgettable experiences and remarkable battles.

Airsoft is one of the best hobbies you can pick anytime! What people don’t usually know is it requires some of your money. However, if you purchase an airsoft gun properly, you can easily save money while enjoying multiple skirmishes.

Things To Know Before Buying An Airsoft

Buying your first airsoft can sometimes be confusing. Once you enter some websites, you will immediately see various airsoft models. You might not know that some models do not easily come with all the equipment you desire. Nevertheless, it is what makes airsoft an exciting hobby to take. You can fit various attachments or customize your airsoft gun with your battlefield preferences.


Airsoft guns come from the past airguns in humanity’s history. These guns rely on gas, electric, pneumatic, or spring components to launch a BB round. It means that every airsoft gun existing has different internal assemblies. You can select any airsoft gun with a firing mechanism you prefer using in the field. Keep in mind that each airsoft gun costs vary on the fuel it uses.


Another thing to keep in mind is quality. Remember that the prices of airsoft guns vary on the model, structure, parts, and their entire assembly. You might get an airsoft gun only to discover that some of its spare parts are impossible for immediate purchase. We suggest selecting an airsoft gun model based on their brand. Some airsoft companies ensure that multiple spare parts support their products for quick fixes and replacements.


On the flip side, some retailers might sell you an airsoft rifle with famous brands. However, you find out that its internal components are made with cheap parts. Remember that an airsoft gun’s cost does not always represent its quality. Fortunately, you can remedy this situation since many airsoft models have many replaceable parts in today’s market.


Many factors can affect the overall cost of your airsoft gun. Depending on its power, accuracy, or durability, you might spend more upgrading your weapon. Aside from these factors, many airsoft gun models come with various specifications. Other factors to consider are your gun’s magazine capacity and how realistic you like it to appear.

Price Range Of Airsoft Guns

Modern airsoft guns are copies of real-life weapon platforms. Aside from that, many airsoft battle organizers base their games on historical military engagements. It is not a surprise that airsoft guns tend to look as realistic as possible.

Suppose you want to start an airsoft gun hobby. Let us now show you a brief guide about the current prices of today’s airsoft gun models.

Airsoft Pistols

Pistols are guns that have the shortest barrels and small structures. Modern airsoft pistols are made with reliable materials and can last long. If you want to buy an airsoft pistol, new airsoft pistol models range from $8.00 to $160.00.

Airsoft SMGs

SMGs or sub-machine guns are medium-sized firearms with a high firing rate and an excellent magazine capacity. Modern sub-machine guns are adequate for close-quarter engagements since they trade their firing rate for distance. Airsoft SMGs usually cost $30.00 to $300.00.

Airsoft Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are the backbone of every modern-day infantry unit. It is why the airsoft world is prevalent with airsoft assault rifle models. All airsoft enthusiasts appreciate their high rate of fire while still being wieldy in combat situations. The current price range of airsoft assault rifles starts from $40.00 to $1000.00.

Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Sniper rifles are gun models with long barrels. They are meant for hitting targets at long distances. Apart from that, airsoft players can modify their airsoft sniper rifles to have more power and increase their accuracy. Airsoft sniper rifles cost from $70.00 to $300.00.


Getting into airsoft is one of the best hobbies we recommend. You will experience realistic battle simulations while using your entire battle kit. Suppose you want to buy an airsoft gun; remember that their prices vary because of the material, durability, and overall specifications.