What Is Contract Management Software?

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Contract management software is a digital tool that enables companies to automatically monitor their contracts daily and optimize each life cycle stage. In a way, contracts are the foundations of a business. They must therefore be managed in a way that suits both the partners and the company concerned.

With a contract management solution, it is possible to:

  • generate your contract,
  • centralize its clauses in a dedicated library,
  • comment and annotate its contracts,
  • search for contractual information,
  • sign and validate its commitments,
  • store its contractual basis,
  • create reminders on deadlines,
  • monitor contractual activity using dashboards and KPIs

Why Equip Yourself With Contract Management Software?

The Contract Management Software also called “CLM software” or “management contract software”, is the tool for all your employees. Indeed, it allows legal, sales, purchasing, finance and HR teams to manage their contracts independently and on the same platform.

With this tool, the company obtains better visibility on its contractual commitments while rationalizing its low added value tasks (manual entry, documentary research, etc.). By reducing costs and maximizing revenues, the company increases its margins. The teams have access to a solution, saving time reviewing and analyzing contracts while collaborating more effectively.

In addition, legal and financial risks are under control, and regulatory compliance is strengthened.

Contract management software is an IT tool intended to support companies in the management of their contractual relationships.

In reality, the whole life of a business is based on contracts. The company is called upon to sign contracts to hire employees, obtain a permit, partner, and find suppliers. All of these contracts can be difficult to manage, to the point where in some cases, companies fail to honour their contractual obligations.

To avoid this kind of situation, they can make the option of contract management software a tool with many advantages.


The Use Of Contract Management Software For A Business

In support of the life of the company, the contracts have an evolutionary character. Indeed, these are legal acts whose effects are subject to changes in terms of modification and termination.

Consequently, the monitoring of a contract must be regular to ensure that the rights and obligations of the contracting parties are respected.

Contract management software will therefore allow:

  • Continuously monitor contracts that affect the life of the company and optimize their life cycle;
  • To benefit from better visibility of commitments;
  • Save time by streamlining the various tasks related to their management;
  • To inform the departments concerned of the expiry date of the company’s contracts.

In short, contract management software is a handy tool for any company called upon to conclude contracts with suppliers, partners or any entity. It allows better management of contracts, thus guaranteeing the fulfilment of the obligations of each of the parties.

Overall, software for managing contracts ensures the proper functioning of each company’s direction and, by extension, its legal life.


The Functionalities Of Contract Management Software

The functionality of such a tool may vary depending on models and many other factors. This article reviews the different features of contract management software. In general, these dematerialized solutions have:


Easy To Reconfigure Dashboard And Alert Functions

All management software has a dashboard. This is the interface with which the user interacts. In this sense, it presents options to monitor, create structured processes and/or modify directories in executing contracts on behalf of the company.

The advantage of software for contract management is to facilitate contract monitoring. Because of this, it also has automatic notification functions. These help the user better prevent and promptly manage the implications, such as deadlines for the execution of contractual provisions or even the renewal of a contract.


A Workflow

Generally, a contract management software has a “workflow”. The role of this feature is to identify all business activities that have legal implications.

These activities may concern the operations of drafting contracts, approval, execution of contractual requirements, organization of audits and reports, etc.

The excellent distribution of tasks allows each user to better master their responsibilities and follow them to achieve productivity. As far as the manager or the company’s head is concerned, the workflow allows him to better control and evaluate each actor’s performance.

Basically, the purpose of this feature is to highlight the company’s value chain. The workflow, an integral part of a contract management software, obeys the companies’ effectiveness and efficiency objectives so much sought after.



Contracts Are Not Settled: They Are Exploitable Resources

This makes it simpler, more effective and more valuable to research, draft and oversee contracts consistently. By choosing a complete understanding of the board instrument, you can:

  • Lessen the length of the authoritative cycle and work on your usefulness. Essential apparatuses accelerate the drafting and endorsement measure while decreasing the requirement for line-by-line legitimate audits.
  • Increment the permeability of exchanges. Very much organized agreements create esteem quicker, decrease spreads and increment future business openings.
  • Assurance consistency. The investigation and review capacities offer three assurances of consistency: authoritative, functional and administrative.


Good Contract Management Is Essential

Knowing what costs to expect and when to pay them is crucial for your organization. Proper recording of obligations and contracts with suppliers is essential to prevent unexpected and unintended contract extensions.

Contract management software is part of our system. In addition to all contracts, you can record many more things here. Financial administration becomes a logical consequence of all your business processes. And because everything is in one system, you work from one database without complicated links and an accumulation of costs.



Contract Management Software: What To Remember?

In the end, it should be remembered that a tool for managing contracts allows a company to have better visibility and better control of its contracts. Finding, writing and managing contracts become more accessible, faster and it generates more productive tasks with the use of a contract management software.