What Is The Best Way To Install Sneeze Guard Over The Self-Service Food Counter For Best Safety?

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In point of sales and various transaction points, keeping to the rules of social distancing may be hard. Hence, the need to install sneeze guards becomes essential to serve as protective barriers in such commercial centers and sales points.

The emergence of the novel coronavirus has brought a change to how we did things before and how we do it now. Protective measures need to be put in place to prevent the further spread of the virus. One of such measures is social distancing, which requires that individuals stay at least six feet away from one another.

The distance is to prevent the spread of the virus through droplets that may escape from having conversations, talking, coughing, sneezing, amongst others.

The need to stay alive and live our lives normally in this “new normal” means we will still be coming in contact with people, especially in commercial places. To prevent droplets from traveling over short distances, infecting other people, and increasing the spread of the virus, there is a need to install counter sneeze barriers.

In this piece, we will take a look at the best ways of installing counter polycarbonate plastic for maximum protection and the extras to pay attention to.

Select Proper Height and Width of the Sneeze Guard for Counters

The first thing to pay attention to when installing counter sneeze barriers is the proper height and width. When installing your counter guards, ensure that the width of the guard is the same size as the width of the counter desk.

Using a smaller width will expose you or your employee regardless of the part that is covered. Rather than take risks, ensure the guard spans the width of the counter for maximum protection.

Besides the width, the height of the counter guard is also significant. The height of your installed counter guard must be at least twelve (12) to fifteen (15) inches higher than the average human height. This ensures that there is maximum protection irrespective of the height of the individual that visits the store.

The average human height, according to the World Health Organization, is 69.2 inches (176CM). This means the combined height of your sneeze protector and counter table should be no less than 80 inches altogether.

How Far Above the Counter Should It Be Installed on Self-Service Food Counters?

The next important consideration is to put a point on how far should the sneeze guard be installed above the counter. While this will be based mainly on your preference, this should be within two to six inches so as not to defeat the purpose of installation – protection.

Keeping to the distance between the counter and guard between two to six inches will ensure that customers and employees alike are adequately protected. Keeping to this standard will reduce the possibility of contracting the virus, keep people protected, and reduce the spread of the virus and other harmful pathogens.

Should It Be Fixed with The Counter Desk or Movable?

The option to either install as a fixed sneeze protector or movable one is something many people do not have answers to.

Installing as a fixed counter guard reduces the need to reset the guard if it moves from its position constantly. It is constant protection at all times. While this is great, it becomes an issue when it’s time to clean your guards. Cleaning directly on the counter may not be the best option there is.

Movable counter guards leave room for adjustments and renovations where necessary. Besides this, cleaning and maintaining a movable guard is easy and straightforward. The guard can easily be lifted and taken to a better place for cleaning and maintenance.

It is up to you and how convenient either of the options will be for your establishment.

Frameless or Metal Framed: Which One Is Best?

Counter guards are available as framed guards or frameless guards.

If you opt for the frameless option, the glass type used in the counter guard is made of acrylic. Acrylic is a plastic that shares all the characteristics of glass except that it is lightweight, impact-resistant, and durable.

The framed counterguard allows you to choose between having an acrylic counter guard or a tempered counter guard.

We recommend going for the framed counter guard for its strength and durability. The frameless option, due to its lightweight acrylic, may not be the best option for a self-service counter. The framed option, thanks to its metal support frame, sits on the desk sturdily. It is more reliable and durable and, as such, a better option for self-service counters and points of sale.

Plexiglas or Tempered Glass: Which One to Install?

Plexiglass, a common name for acrylic, is a glass-like plastic preferred for its durability and lightweight features. It is transparent and brilliant, just like glass, but is shatter-resistant and durable.

Tempered glass, on the other hand, is annealed glass that has been put through the tempering process. This makes the glass up to four times stronger than regular glass, safer and more durable.

While acrylic may be lightweight, it is recommended to opt for tempered counter sneeze guards. Plexiglass scratches faster than tempered glass. You need to pay extra care and attention to prevent scratches from occurring. At a point of sale or over the counter, this may not be entirely possible.

Tempered sneeze protectors are resistant to scratches, can withstand huge impact, safe and durable too. This makes them the perfect option for self-service counter guards.

Installation for Single Counter VS. Multi Counter

In the case of a single counter, a single sneeze guard proportional to the width of the counter, and the average human height is enough to ensure maximum protection. In the case of multiple food counters, to ensure adequate protection, you may consider installing multiple parallel guards to cover the width and span of all available counters.

Where to Buy Readymade Sneeze Guard for Self-Service Food Counter?

You can shop for high-quality, readymade tempered sneeze guards online from Fab Glass and Mirror. The readymade sneeze guards are available for immediate dispatch and will save you the time spent waiting for custom guards to get ready.

As a result, you can make your food store compliant to regulations, keep being in business while enduring everyone is protected. Irrespective of your location, Fab Glass and Mirror will deliver your guards to you at no extra charge.