What Makes Dad Hats A Wonderful Gift For Men?

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The dad core fashion phenomenon is something that can radically transform an average, perpetually tired, middle-aged person into a style icon. You’ve got a light wash, straight leg jeans, khakis, chinos, leather belts, and last but not least, a “dad hat.”

Dad hats for men are growing in popularity, and more and more people are donning them. And they’re not just meant for “dads”. Anyone can wear it with pride for any occasion. If you’re considering giving a dad hat to your father, brother, husband, fiancé, boyfriend, or male friend, here are a few reasons why that’s the right decision.


What is a Dad Hat?

The term “Dad hat” is a recent phenomenon, barely five years old. The term gained mainstream attention in mid-2016 because of the Dadcore fashion culture. The Guardian even claimed it to become one of the defining styles of our times.

In a nutshell, a dad hat is a boneless baseball cap. It lacks the skeletal integrity of a baseball cap and is relatively spacious, but overall it’s the exact thing. You can conclude dad hat to be a low-profile baseball cap — something that’s more geared for the game of golf.

It’s more versatile than a trucker or snapback, and you’ll find it to be more straightforward in terms of style and usage.

So, why do such hats make a great gift for men?


Dad Hats Go Well with Several Outfits

Baseball caps, outside of the baseball pitch, are mostly worn only with sportswear or casual clothing. You can mix and match them with other outfits. But dad hats can work well with different types of outfits outside of sportswear and casual.

They can accompany you in a lounge suit. But there are a few adjustments to make. For example, for the bottom half, you need to consider the length of the trousers. A cropped tailored trouser would fit well. You can use a roll neck or casual shirt and a smart jacket to top things off.

You can also go sporty with the dad hats. Grab a two-piece tracksuit, put on your dad hat, and head out to walking or jogging in style.


Help Men Look Styling and Trendy

In 2016, when The Guardian claimed that Dadcore was going to be a defining style of current times, the claim turned out to be true two years later. From teens to teenagers to people in their 20s put out photographs of themselves with their trousers up to their waist with a nondescript belt — dad’s favorite accessory.

Quickly, the hashtag “Dadcore” wrapped up around 10,000 posts. Some call it a tribute to dads, while others call it a bandwagon effect.

Whatever it might be, the fashion trend stayed and is here to stay. Dads are never going to get outdated, and neither will this fashion trend be.

So you don’t have to worry about replacing the dad hat when a new fashion phenomenon strikes.


You Can Send Them as a Customized Gift

You can customize a dad hat to someone’s taste and send it as a gift. And the person receiving it will surely like it because of the personal touch.

Just like baseball caps, they have this huge space right at the front for a logo or slogan. You can get anything printed in this section and then send it as a gift. Not only at the front, but you get the entire sideways and the back for customization.

Some dad caps are just plain, and they look good that way. But it’s all up to you if you want to print and present.


Dad Hats Aren’t Expensive

Hats aren’t considered an expensive investment, and neither is the dad hat. You can get them for under $40 per piece. You can choose your desired color and design within that price and get it delivered to your home (if you buy online).

And since they’re never fading away from fashion, you can use them for the long term. So you’ll realize the value in the long run too.

Dad hats are better as gift items because they’re meaningful. If you send out a customized gift, it proves that you understand their taste and preferences. So you’d be able to maintain that emotional relationship with the person you’re sending the gift out to.

As another tip, if you’re buying dad hats for men online, you need to purchase from a reputed vendor. Check for the ratings, reviews, and return policies before placing your order. If the price seems unreasonably high or low, you should check out other alternatives.