What Not To Do If You Encounter A Wild Grizzly Bear

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Most of us know that if we were to ever encounter a Grizzly Bear in the wild we should scream, shout, wave our arms in the air, and if that doesn’t work…play dead. The last thing you want to do is run and in this case, the last thing you want to attempt is hugging and kissing the massive beast.

Luckily, for this guy…it all worked out. A younger Grizzly checks out a man who happens to be wading in a small river. The bear jumps in and the man splashes the bear, calling for the bear to play. The bear obliges and soon the pair are hugging it out with the occasional kiss to the snout and gentle bite to the neck.

I wouldn’t try this if I were you…but who is to say it wouldn’t work…it worked for this guy!



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