What Security Guards Can And Can’t Do?

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Security services are in demand in many areas of public and business activities. In offices and shops, municipal institutions and manufacturing enterprises, they understand that it is better to prevent an incident than to eliminate its consequences. That is why hire security guard is worth taking care, which will anticipate the situation in advance and always leaves its client in the security zone.

Security guards for hire cannot use detective methods. The guard cannot wear the same clothes as the police. Special uniforms and insignia of employees of private security organizations cannot be similar to the uniform and insignia of law enforcement officers and military personnel. It is forbidden to use physical force against pregnant women, as well as persons with obvious signs of disability and minors, except in cases where these persons provide armed resistance, commit an attack that threatens the life or health of private security guards and persons located at a protected facility.

What Is Included In The Services Of Security Services?

Depending on the specifics of the work of an enterprise or institution, the main task for which security services in Sydney organized is the maximum risk reduction. Based on it, the duties of employees are determined:

Protection of an individual from attack.
Object security.
Control of the entrusted territory from the penetration of unauthorized persons.
Ensuring the safety of entrusted property.
Escort of valuable cargo.
Screening visitors or workers at the checkpoint.
Protection of the object and people during public events.

Depending on the area of activity of the protected object, various methods and types of physical protection are used. The activities of security guards for hire are regulated not only by general legislation, but also by clear job descriptions, which are developed taking into account the characteristics of the object.

Security services in Sydney can be provided on a permanent basis or temporarily in accordance with the concluded agreement. In any case, you are guaranteed the confidentiality and safety of your trade secrets. In the course of work, only our own resources are used both in terms of personnel and equipment. So you can be sure of reliable safety of any information.

At the conclusion of the contract, all the functions and actions of the security guard, as well as the responsibility of the private security company to the customer, are indicated. When registering services, it is imperative to conclude a full-fledged contract, as well as indicate the responsibility of the parties to fulfill the terms of the contract. There are many security agencies on the market, with different experience and prices for their services. First of all, the experience of bodyguards for hire matters, the more it is, the better for the client.

Bodyguards for hire are required to undergo periodic checks for suitability for action in conditions associated with the use of special means. He must be at his post in a special uniform corresponding to the season, have a certificate for private security activities with a mark on passing a periodic test for suitability for action in conditions.