What Started Out As A Typical Circus Act Quickly Turned Life Threatening

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Lions have always been a major attraction in circuses around the world. This circus show in the Ukraine was no different than most, except one thing…it didn’t quite go as planned.

Animal activists around the world often petition to stop the use of wild animals in circus acts, and after you watch this video, you may just agree with them…if you don’t already.

The show seemed to be going as planned and flawlessly, the cage filled with lions were reacting to their masters and doing the appropriate tricks and what not. At 3:05 in the video, the show to a fearful turn. One lion seemed to have had enough and he attacked one of his masters. The next two plus minutes are extremely tense to watch as the lion/s do not want to let up. Luckily everyone was able to make it out of the cage…eventually.

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