What This Boy Received In The Mail From His Father Two Years After His Death Will Melt Your Heart

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This young boy lost his father nearly two years ago to a rare illness.  The father was a strong provider for the family and had moved away to earn himself two master’s degrees so he could further support his family.  During that time away he would send his son postcards in the mail, telling him how much he missed him and loved him. During this time away, at the young age of 41, he passed away, never being able to say goodbye to his son.

Recently, nearing the two year anniversary of his death, his son received something truly remarkable in the mail. A postcard, that his father had sent in 2007, nearly 8 years ago finally made it’s way to the boy.  I miss you and I love you read the post card.  A long overdue final goodbye and sign that everything happens for a reason.

Source : Youtube

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