What To Consider When Buying Bath Cushion For Tub

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There are a variety of bathtub cushions in the market. When you want to buy bathtub pillows, you may find it challenging as most brands are similar. It will help if you are keen to spot the difference between some brands. However, you can use your color scheme and design to pick a cushion. Considering that bath time is one of the most relaxing moments, you need to ensure your tub pillow is very comfortable. It also needs to be easy to dry as you do not want to miss your pampering moment because your pillow is a dump. These are the pointers to guide you when buying a bathtub pillow.


The dimensions of your pillow matter as it needs to be proportional to the size of your tub. There are various sizes available in the market, and the one you choose needs to be appropriate in size. When a pillow is not a suitable size, you will be uncomfortable and it won’t give you much support. Also, remember having an oversized pillow can make you have a stiff neck. If you are unsure during the purchase, it is best to consult your interior designer and check from online sites for advice on the appropriate size to buy.

Design is Key

Bathtubs come in different shapes and sizes so do the pillows. Before buying a pillow for your bathtub, consider the design of your tub; there are those pads that go with round tabs and those that rhyme with squared tubs. You can visit online designers and see what they are saying about matching the cushions with the bathtubs. Your desires also matter; consider factors such as how you sit or lie in the tub when picking your pillow. Some pillows like Everlasting Comfort Bath Pillow are more comfortable when you lie on your back, and some are suitable for when you sit. Choose a pillow depending on your favorite position.

Stuffing Matters

Different stuffing is used on different pillows, and they determine the comfortability of the pillow. There are pillows stuffed with flexible microbeads that are firm; these pillows are firm and contour to your body, making them comfortable. If you like a firm pillow, it will help if you go for microbead stuffing. Then there are pillows with foam that are extra soft, and they provide more comfort than support. Additionally, there are jelly-filled pillows that can be frozen to give the effect of cold compressors.


The price is a defining factor when choosing your pillows. You can stick to your budget and choose a brand that will give you value for money. Compare prices in different stores before making your purchase; you can look at sites to check out what they have to offer in terms of quality and price. You can also make a point of buying from online stores as they tend to have better prices than physical stores.

Your taste and preference are guiding factors when buying bathtub cushions. If you like trending products, it helps if you go with the latest designs, but if you prefer antics, you can go modest but classy designs. You can also try brands of bath pillows like everlastingcomfort.net to see if they suit your needs.