What To Consider While Choosing A Helmet For Your Cycling

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Cycling Weekly

With our lives getting busier and busier, a hobby like cycling would be an excellent way to kill two birds with one stone. You enjoy what you love doing and keep yourself fit as part of your daily routine. Some people have taken up cycling every day not as a sport but as their way of transportation to work and keep their hobby alive.

A helmet is an essential part of cycling as it helps protect your head from any injury caused by any form of a bike accident. Helmets play a considerable role in protecting the head against any harm caused to the head in any form of accident. Since accidents cannot be predicted, the only way to protect yourself from permanent head injuries is by wearing a helmet every time you get on your bike. Getting a good helmet is determined by who and where you buy it from. A good helmet should protect your head and be able to provide comfort and ventilation. Most places that offer bike accessories also guide the type of helmet that would work best for the kind of cycling that you do. Here are some factors you might want to consider while buying a helmet.


Mountain bike helmets

While choosing a mountain bike helmet, there are three options you could choose from:

  • Traditional mountain bike helmet which is generally lightweight and very well ventilated since it is mainly used for cross countries and air circulation is something that you need to put much consideration on
  • Trial helmets are heavier and more padded to offer maximum protection, while one is of the mountain trails
  • Full face helmets are mainly used for downhill cycling and are made to protect the face and chin.

Most helmets on sale will do its job to protect your head and will also give you a sleek look when you wear them. For example, getting a mountain bike helmet from fox will make your trail and mountain bike riding a memorable one with helmets that can balance protection, comfort and style.


Road bike helmets

An ideal road bike helmet is primarily lightweight and has a good airflow. It would also be good to adjust the straps quickly, even while on the road. There is always a foam core attached to the hard shell, which is essential to check if it is moulded in and not just stuck to it to prevent peeling in the future. Foam edges should not be exposed since they might get damaged.


Time trial helmets

Time trial helmets are designed in a way that they can be more aerodynamic compared to road bike helmets. They allow airflow to be smooth even while riding in a low sitting position that might require you to be more aggressive. Some time trial helmets contain eye shields that are integrated with the helmet.


Final thoughts

The price of a helmet might not be an excellent way to decide on the type of helmet you might want to use since most of the price difference is due to its weight. While getting a helmet, consider what else you would need from it apart from protection which is the general purpose.