What To Talk About With Girls In Webcam Chats?

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Online video chat rooms are online venues that connect casual users via video link and allow you to chat on almost any topic. This format has been around for more than a decade and remains highly relevant today. In cam to cam chats people from all over the world meet, chat, make new friends and just have a good time. And some even manage to find their soulmate and start a relationship in the real world.

The main question is how and about what a guy communicates with a girl in cam chat to be an interesting interlocutor and hold her attention. After all, in any web chat room, you can switch to the next person in one click. And it’s your job not to miss the opportunity. And today we are going to tell you how to do it.

Optimal topics for video chatting with girls

Sean Cooper, the author of courses on fighting shyness, has written and talked about this many times. He highlights 9 conversation topics that are best for getting to know a girl and communicating early on:

  1. Hobbies. Find out what your companion is into, ask her to tell you about it in more detail. That’s how you show your interest. And that’s a nice compliment.

  2. Work and study. This is something that anyone can talk about for a long, long time. But keep in mind that there are some people who are not too fond of bringing up these topics.

  3. Travel. Such a conversation will evoke pleasant nostalgic emotions and memories in the interlocutor. Which means the conversation will be more enthusiastic.

  4. Food and cooking. You don’t have to ask a girl right away if she can cook. But asking about her tastes is really helpful. On a future date, you’ll already know where to go.

  5. Past experience. You have to be careful with this topic and not go too deep into it. But you can carefully discuss friendship, family and relationship issues. If the person you are talking to does not want to talk about it, it is better to switch to something else.

  6. Entertainment. Find out how a girl spends her free time. You may have many hobbies in common. It will be another good reason to spend time together.

  7. Future plans. Ask the person you are talking to tell you about her dreams and what she wants to achieve in the future. Many people are happy to share their plans. But there are also those who prefer not to spread the word about their plans before they are implemented.

  8. Human relations. This is more about modern society. You can discuss the current realities in your own country or in countries you have already visited.

  9. Situational discussions and comments. That could include anything. If you see a pet near your companion, ask to talk about it and show it to the camera. A poster of a popular band hangs on the wall – learn more about the girl’s musical tastes. There is origami on the table – ask what it is and if she made it herself. There are really a lot of options.

It is also possible to interest your conversation partner in a conversation about something you know well. Just make sure she’s really interested and willing to listen. She can hardly listen to your monologues about repairing internal combustion engines or about how you spent eight hours straight destroying enemies in some online game. Although there are different cases.

What is best to avoid in online video chats?

Sometimes it’s not what you’re talking about that matters, but what you’re NOT talking about. There are a few topics that are best not brought up at all. Or leave them for the future, when you and the girl get to know each other well enough.

  1. Politics. It’s likely that sooner or later this topic will come up at least in passing in your conversation. But talking about politics from the beginning and putting special emphasis on it is definitely not a good idea. Let the political scientists handle it. You have enough to talk about.

  2. Religion. There is no need to immediately pry into the girl’s religious beliefs and confessional affiliation. Such conversations often end in arguments, mutual insults or even serious conflicts. You can only talk about religion if you, for example, met in a religious circle.

  3. Complaints about anything. There are some people who always need a free ear to speak out about what’s bothering them. But believe me, the interlocutor is unlikely to be interested in listening to your problems. She probably has enough of her own. Besides, no one likes whiners who are constantly dissatisfied with everything. Be more positive and don’t burden others with your negativity.

  4. Gross and inappropriate humor. Girls love a sense of humor in guys. But everything must be in moderation. Refrain from vulgar jokes, do not pack funny pictures from the Internet or videos. Don’t guffaw after every sentence. Otherwise, you’ll look completely unserious in the eyes of the girl. She’ll just stop taking you seriously.

Psychologists recommend trying to listen more and talk less. Excessive talkativeness doesn’t make a man look good. But the ability to listen and express an informed opinion on an issue is what is needed.

What to do if the conversation has reached an impasse?

There are times when the conversation is exhausted. But you don’t want to end the conversation and lose an interesting companion. What to do in such a situation?

  1. Compliment her. Girls love it and after your nice words may be more active in the dialogue.

  2. Say that you liked the person you were talking to. But don’t take this as a declaration of love. Just a show of affection. If it’s mutual, trust me, the conversation will flow more actively because you’ll both see more promise from this communication.

  3. Tell her honestly that you can’t think of anything to talk about. Let the person you’re talking to take the lead. It’s not always a good strategy, but girls are often less shy and timid than guys. You probably know that feeling of awkwardness when interacting with someone you like.

Finally, we would like to mention that international video chat is a great place for making new acquaintances and even for starting a serious relationship. Every year there are more and more marriages in the world that started with online communication. So why don’t you try it?

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