What to Write About in Your Blog When You Have Already Written Everything

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Being a blogger is not as simple as some people might think. Creativity is not a stable thing and at some point in your career, you might have trouble with finding new ideas. That is not the reason to panic though, as finding new ideas even if it might be hard is nevertheless possible. So for those of you who are currently experiencing writer’s block, here is the list of tips on how to gain your creativity back and find new ideas for your blog.

Read the Latest News

Regardless of the industry that you are working in and writing your blog about, try to read as much news as possible, you never know where you might find something that will sparkle your creativity. This will also give you a chance to take a glimpse at what people are most interested in. If you are curious about becoming the best blog maker, you should be aiming at your audience’s biggest interest.

Check Out Your Competitors

It is important to keep track of your competitors’ blogs. Not only it is a great way to get some inspiration and new ideas, but you can also avoid being repetitive by covering already existing topics. Do not limit yourself to blogs only within your niche, sometimes the audience responds even better to posts that combine within themselves something unusual, from different niches.

Scroll Through Comments

Never underestimate the importance of the feedback. Taking a look at your comment section every once in a while might give you an insight on what your audience wants to see on your blog. Another great idea would be to interact with your readers, discuss with them some topics you are about to write, whether they would be interested in those or not. 


Also, reading positive comments will help you get inspired and will remind you of how great of a writer you are. 

Collaborate With Other Bloggers

There are plenty of other bloggers out there who just might have ideas about what to write on your blog, so why not to try and collaborate with them? Even if both of you do not have any particular ideas at the moment, you can always try to bounce them off each other and eventually come up with something. You know, as they say – creativity loves company.

Get Outside

As simple as it might sound, you need to get out in the streets if you want to get real productivity and creativity boost. Even though we now have an unlimited acсess to almost any type of information in the world, hanging out outside is the best remedy for writer’s block. You never know where you might find a new topic, maybe it will be something that an old lady on the train tells you, or maybe it will be an old shop with an interesting story. So do not hesitate to explore the real world for stories for the virtual one.

Write About Your Experiments

It does not even matter what kind of experiment you choose, be it a social media one, or taking art classes or riding a horse or even something as simple as reading a book. What matters, in this case, is your experience that you are writing about and raw emotions that your readers will be able to experience after reading your blog.


Try Something New

It often happens so that you get stuck doing the same thing over and over again. In your case, it is writing blog posts. Have you ever thought of trying something new and different? For example, start writing lyrics or poetry, maybe a movie script or screenplay. Switching your usual activity to something different will help you avoid getting stuck in the routine. If you have the equipment, you could go even further and film a video. If you think about it, this is the same kind of thing as writing a blog post just in a bit different form.

Write a “Thank You” Post

Your readers are taking their time to follow your train of thought on a daily basis. The least you can do in this situation (apart from writing awesome content, of course!) is to say ‘thank you’ to them. So take your time and write a small post, be as sincere as possible and your audience will definitely appreciate it.

Final thoughts

Being a great blogger and keeping your creativity on the leash is a tough job. However, following these tips might give you a better insight on how to think of a new topic when you are completely out of ideas.