What You Should Know About Royal Families

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When looking for information about royal families, you should be aware that some of the web contents will be just unbelievable rumors. Do not be fooled by this type of news. Focus on information about royal families found in reliable and high-quality materials. Search for a series of films that belong to the royal documentaries – then you can be sure that the information you receive is valuable and verified.

Letters sent to royal families never go unanswered

Royal families attach great importance to the observance of the court etiquette rules. Each royal family has its own principles to obey. In this post, we only mention the ones that apply to the British royal family. Let’s start with the strange but lovely rule which says that every letter sent to Buckingham Palace must be answered. There are no jokes here; it is estimated that about 100,000 reply letters are issued each year on behalf of the royal family. Royal families take care to maintain the highest favor of their subjects, so they make sure that the letters or greeting cards they receive never go unanswered.

Principles of the court etiquette towards Queen Elizabeth II

Elizabeth II, as the queen with numerous titles, enjoys great respect at the court. If written down, the rules of etiquette towards Queen Elizabeth II could make up a thick volume, as lapses or faux-pas should not occur at all. The royal family members bow to the queen first, and while the queen is standing, monarchs, members of the royal family and subjects need to stand as well. During ceremonial banquets and more intimate gatherings, one should carefully observe the queen, because when she finishes eating, no one else can lift the fork to their mouths. Queen Elizabeth II always goes out first and no one can turn their backs on her. Prince Philip is not allowed to keep pace with her, he must always lag behind a little.

A wedding ceremony in the British royal family

A wedding is a unique ceremony, during which appropriate rituals and customs must be followed in any culture. It is no different in the case of marriages in royal families. Each of them must follow the court etiquette rules, which may have very old roots. For example, if a male descendant of the British royal family wishes to propose to his chosen one, he must obtain the queen’s permission first. Elizabeth II chooses a tiara for the bride, and the entire ceremony follows strictly defined rules. Until 2011, no member of the royal dynasty could marry a Catholic.