‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Family Stunned After Almost, But Not Quite, Winning $1 Million

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They were sooooooo close to winning $1 million!

Grandpa Frank and granddaughter Laurel were the winning team on Wednesday’s Grandparents’ Week episode of “Wheel of Fortune.”

The bonus round category was Food & Drink. Vanna White turned over some letters, revealing a single “E” and a single “N.”

wheel of fortune one million loss

As the clock ticked, the duo threw out guess after guess and with one second left…they shouted out FRIED ZUCCHINI! Time was up and they thought they had nailed it!

The zucchini part was right…however ‘fried’ was in fact ‘baked’. Baked zucchini.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that they missed the puzzle by one word…good’ol Pat Sajak decided to show them they would have won $1 million!

Frank took a step back and was completely taken back. The audience gasped. Sajack looked stunned, even ashamed.

The grandfather and granddaughter took home $26,203, which isn’t bad for 30 minutes’ work.