Where G.I. Joe Got Its Start And Why They Are A Must For Toy Buyers

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Source: https://wheeljackslab.com

Who could forget the 1960s? Free love, lava lamps, and chaos from a political standpoint. The world was at a pinnacle moment of change. The same could be said for the 60s era toy buyers as there were so many popular toys that got their start at that time. Iconic Hot Wheels, Etch-a-sketch, Slinkys, and of course, the unforgettable G.I. Joe.   

A Short History

In the time of the Vietnam War, one series of action figures showed their support for the True American soldier. The G.I. Joe dolls were created by Hasbro in Rhode Island, 1964. They were first made as a 12-inch life-like replica of the men heading off to battle. Called America’s Movable Fighting Man, the name was later changed to G.I Joe Adventure Team figures in an attempt to keep up with the changing pop culture.    

Why Were They Popular

These toys became popular because not only did they give children a way to feel like they could play their part in the war efforts but also because they were made to be a more realistic version of one of the most popular dolls of all time, Barbie. As the 80s approached, the toy soldiers experienced yet another change as they shrunk in size, all the way down to 3.75 inches. It was done to make the toy A Real American Hero, to mimic the ever-popular Star Wars action figures.   

Source: https://wheeljackslab.com

What Are the Top Sellers?

Due to the symbolic nature of the G.I. Joe, toy buyers have been on the lookout for the rarest of this collection. But it isn’t the only exclusive edition that makes the most valued list. In fact, some of the more everyday characters are worth the most. The revamped Bazooka Soldier, along with 1982 Short-Fuze Black Troper, are among the more generic figures that can fetch a hefty price.

Moreover, the named characters such as Dusty and Cobra Commander are valued higher. However, it isn’t only the oldest toys that can bring in a small fortune. In fact, the Dwayne Jonhson addition and Sideshow Baroness toys created from the 2000’s adaptation of G.I. Joe is now worth over a grand each. The most expensive collector’s item isn’t a figure or doll, it is actually one of the many different accessories packs bought to personalize a plain action figure. The Para Drop Collection made it 1975 has been sold for upwards of $5,000.

Where You Should Sell 

Perhaps you have outgrown your fascination with these collectibles, or maybe you need extra resources to put towards other big-ticket items like a house or a car. Whatever the case may be, selling directly to toy buyers is a great way to simplify the process while making the most out of your profit. Individuals may not know the unique history and significance of each member of the G.I. Joe Action Team, which can lead to them lowballing their value. Even if you don’t have all of the pieces, it is more likely that someone already in the business will still buy the bits you do have since they may have the spare parts to complete your collection. 

Want to know more about where you can sell your G.I. Joe’s there are professionals around, like the ones at Wheel Jacks Lab, who can help you make the most out of America’s favorite toy soldiers.