Where To Buy Top-Quality Cabinet Glass For Your Kitchen

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As the world shifts from physical stores to e-Commerce retailers, consumers are increasingly looking for inclusive marketplaces where they can shop the competition and find expert opinions and assistance. Some product categories have already developed these new online marketplaces. Others, such as cabinet glass for your kitchen, were slower to develop.

But that’s all changing, we know your needs and we’re ready to help you with this task!

With this complete guide, we will walk you through the different types of cabinet glass for your kitchen, what you should consider before making a purchase, and introduce you to the world’s first marketplace for top-quality glass products.

Types of Cabinet Glass Available for Your Kitchen

On the surface, you may not notice the difference between various types of cabinet glass in your kitchen. Perhaps they all appear relatively similar. However, taking a closer look will reveal the wide assortment of top-quality glass products.

For contractors and general consumers alike, it is important to understand the full scope of glass that is available in the market, what differentiates them, and which type is best for each specific function.

Let’s break down the different types!

1 – Textured Pattern: Opaque type of glass for elegantly hiding items inside the cabinet

Textured pattern glass comes in a wide assortment. These designs are visually striking and add an elegant look to any kitchen cabinet. Undeniably a top-quality cabinet glass, textured pattern glass will be instantly recognizable in any kitchen. More opaque than other types of glass, textured patterns can also be useful in lending privacy, such as with a shower door or cabinet.

2- V-Grooving: Beautifully polished with V-shaped designs

V-grooving is a unique design where cuts are made in the glass to give it a superb elegance. These cuts are often in the shape of a ‘V’ and can be made in several different types of glass, such as cabinet glass for your kitchen, tabletop glass, or custom glass shelving. V-grooving will give the glass a beautiful, polished finish.

3- Leaded Glass: Joining several pieces of glass to make a crystal-like appearance


Leaded glass is when several smaller pieces of glass are joined together to create a crystal-like larger sheet. This type of glass comes with a wide degree of customization. The smaller pieces can be made out of nearly any type of glass, and the larger sheet can be fashioned into any size or shape needed. Stained glass, which is famous for its assortment of colors, is a form of leaded glass.

4-   Sumiglass: Elegantly laminated to obscure items inside cabinets that creates a beautiful design

A highly-customizable, more decorative style, sumiglass adds a unique look to kitchen cabinets. Its beautiful lamination lends itself to unique features such as patterns or frosting. Sumiglass is recommended as an interior-only glass, but will surely brighten any home.

Steps to Buying the Right Cabinet Glass for Your Kitchen

Have old, dirty cabinet glass in your kitchen and just can’t see yourself replacing it? Glass, much like most design products in the home, can lose its luster with age and use.

There comes a time when every homeowner needs to re-evaluate his or her kitchen cabinet glass. As additional designs, textures, and styles are released, it becomes even more important to assess that old cabinet glass.

What do you want your cabinet glass to look like in your kitchen? The possibilities are endless.

The process of upgrading does not need to be complicated or intimidating. Let’s walk through what it entails. Click here to know the top cabinet glass styles for the kitchen in 2021.

Step 1. Analyze your kitchen cabinet type

Kitchen counter and cabinet in new home.

Before doing anything else, it’s important to analyze the type of cabinets you have in your kitchen. What are they made of? What type of glass do they currently have? How many are there? How are they positioned? These are all important questions you should ask yourself at this step in the process.

The type of kitchen cabinet will set the stage for the rest of the process. Certain cabinets are better suited for certain types of glass. Once you have made note of your existing cabinets, you are ready to move to the second step.

Step 2. Take measurements precisely

Measure twice and cut once, right? Okay, let’s do this!  There is a reason that saying exists, and it’s because the step of measuring in any home improvement project is vital—do not take this one lightly.
It’s important to take very precise measurements of all your cabinets. Do not make assumptions. Even if different cabinets look to be about the same size and shape, it is worth your time to take the additional measurement. It just might save you a headache (and money) later.

Step 3. Place your order on GlassGenius.com

Woman in cafe shopping online with laptop

Okay, so you have analyzed your cabinets and taken precise measurements of the glass. However, where do you actually shop for the new glass? That’s the easy part: GlassGenius.com.

GlassGenius is your one-stop glass-shopping online marketplace, bringing together people like you – who need new glass – and local sellers or contractors who have the glass products you need to complete your project. Check out more information below about how GlassGenius is the ultimate glass marketplace.

Step 4. DIY or hire a professional for installation

Through GlassGenius, you have found the perfect glass to freshen up your kitchen with studier and chic options of glass cabinets, giving them the look you have always dreamed of. Now, you have arrived at the final step of the process: Installation.

For the handy, crafty, or more confident, you may be up to the challenge of installing the new cabinet glass yourself. If you have never done this before, we suggest doing some research on the best methods first. If you would rather leave the installation to the professionals, hire a helping hand through the GlassGenius network of contractors to get the job done.

When the installation is complete and you walk into your kitchen for the first time, you will be glad that you have decided to upgrade. Your new cabinet glass will completely change the way you look at your kitchen—for the better!

World’s 1st Ever Marketplace Dedicated for Glass Products

You are contemplating upgrading the cabinet glass in your kitchen. You may even be ready to make the switch. However, where do you start?

Introducing the very first online marketplace for top-quality glass products – GlassGenius

Looking for recommendations on glass replacement options? Need to find a glazier or fabricator in your area? Ready to purchase new cabinet glass for your kitchen?

Whether you are a local glass company, a contractor, an interior designer, or just a homeowner looking for superior and unique glass products, GlassGenius covers everything you need.

It is the place to turn for buying and selling any glass product, including:

  • Cabinet Glass for Your Kitchen – A stylish feature that adds elegance to any kitchen
  • Tables – Whether looking for a full glass tabletop or a glass sheet insert for a framed table
  • Boards – For example, a high-quality marker board for a classroom or office
  • Custom-Cut Glass – Around here, “one-size fits all” just doesn’t cut it
  • Doors – Whether front doors or shower doors, the right glass makes all the difference
  • Plexi & Acrylic Glass – For when glass needs to look good and be extra durable
  • Sneeze Shields – Promote hygiene and protect human health with strategically-positioned glass
  • Mirrors – Add brilliance to a room, make it feel larger…and mirrors can be custom-cut

The next time you are searching for premier glass products, simply turn to GlassGenius—the most convenient place ever for top-quality glass products.