While Live On Air – News Anchor Can’t Stop Laughing Over The Name Of This Pig

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You know that moment when you find something so hilarious that you just can’t seem to control your laughter? It doesn’t even have to be that funny, but for some reason at that particular time you just get uncontrollable giggles, which then turns into constant laughing, which ultimately leads to teary eyes and snorting. Yeah…that laughter!

Well this is what happened to one news anchor while live on the air. The story he was trying to read involved a pot belly pig that was born without any back legs…serious enough right? The pig was at a local hospital and was strapped into a harness of sorts that featured two wheels acting as his back legs for easy mobility. Well, all was fine until the reporter had to read the unfortunate pigs name….are you ready for this….Chris P. Bacon.

First off, who would ever name a pig that and second of all…can we really blame this reporter for absolutely losing it on air? I mean, the story is mildly serious in nature and then you throw in the name Chris P. Bacon…that is enough to make anyone lose a straight face!

Either way, his laughter is very contagious and we dare you not to smile once through this entire video!



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