Why Are Decimals Important?

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A standard system used for denoting integer and non-integer numbers is known as the decimal numeral system. In other words, decimals are numbers that consist of a whole number as well as a fractional part separated by a dot referred to as a decimal point. For example, 98.2 is a decimal number, where 98 is the whole number, and 2 is the fractional part.

In Mathematics, there are several sister topics that are related to decimals, such as fractions, percentages, etc. A student must learn how to interpret answers that are represented in a decimal format. Before he can move on to solving complicated problems on the same, a student must learn how to apply primary arithmetic operators such as adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplying decimals. In this article, we will learn about the importance of decimals and various methods to study them.

Importance of Decimals

Whole Numbers are Not Enough

Whole numbers represent counting numbers. These numbers are used to represent some discrete quantities. However, in areas that require more precision, decimals have to be used. Let us understand this with the help of an example. Suppose you have to count the number of students in a class, then you will make use of whole numbers. You can say that there are 10 students in a class. In such a case, a decimal quantity will not be required. However, you will need decimals if you measure a student’s weight, as it is not necessary for a child’s weight to be a whole number. One kid could weigh 50kgs while someone else weighs 50.8kgs. Thus, to get a precise idea in such a scenario, you have to make use of decimal numbers. By representing quantities in decimals, it increases the accuracy of the measurement.

Decimals in Daily Life

The use of decimals is inevitable while dealing with money. Whenever there is buying or selling involved, decimals are used. Goods are not always priced in whole numbers. For example, if you go grocery shopping an avocado might cost $1.19, an apple $0.68, and a banana $0.25. In such a case, you need to know how to interpret the given values and add them. Hence, knowledge of decimals is necessary. Similarly, decimals are used to measure length, weight, etc.

Decimals are an indispensable part of daily life and Mathematics; hence, students must have a strong foundation of the subject. However, it can prove to be confusing for young minds to study this topic. Let us look at a few methods that can be used while learning to make the topic easier.

Real-Life Examples

While studying decimals, it is best to use daily life examples such as profit loss questions. It becomes easier for students to relate to the topic and recollect the concepts while applying them to problems during examinations.


To keep the topic interesting, it is best to include interactive games while learning about it. It improves a student’s attention span as well as their speed and accuracy of solving problems.

Tuition Classes

You can choose to avail yourself of the services of a reliable tuition center to get a better understanding of this topic. Cuemath is a fantastic online educational platform that provides students with quality education at the best price. The certified tutors use a variety of resources to deliver a lecture that is fun-filled and impactful.


You cannot learn about numbers without having clear concepts of decimals. Hopefully, this article gives you an insight into how important decimals are and some easy ways to study them. I wish you all the best!dec