Why Do Cats Stare At ‘Ghosts’?

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Why Do Cats Stare At Ghosts

Via | Konbini/PetMD

Cat’s have incredible brains that work in ways we truly don’t understand.

If you have ever been around cats for any period of time at all, it has probably crossed your mind that cats may have a particular ability to see, or sense things – even the paranormal.

You may wonder if cats are crazy or if ghosts really do exist!

Why do cats sometimes stare at a particular, seemingly random, point in space?

“When cats appear to be staring into space, they may actually be detecting subtle motion, as their vision is much more acute than ours,” says veterinarian Rachel Barrack, of Animal Acupuncture.

2014 study suggests that both cats and dogs see some spectrum’s of light that humans don’t, like ultraviolet (UV) light. But the reason dogs don’t seem to go quite as nuts for apparently nothing at all can be explained by the natural personalities of cats, according to Barrack.

Cats, unlike dogs or other animals, are more curious by nature,” Barrack said. “This could explain their sometimes erratic behavior.”

Photographer, Nickolay Lamm wanted to try and create the field of a cat’s vision through his photos.

After speaking with many experts in the field of cats, he was able to replicate how cats see the world.

In the first photo, you can see that there is a lot of brightness. Humans can see color far better and clearer that cats, therefore cats are forced to see shades of gray and yellow.

Why Do Cats Stare At Ghosts

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In the second picture, under the cover of darkness, the cat has a clear advantage. 

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So the next time you see your cat freaking out and starring at nothing…they are in fact starring at something. Something mysterious that YOU can’t see! Ooooooh!