Why Do The Everest Base Camp Trek? 5 Reasons To Consider The Trip

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While the Everest Base Camp Trek is one of the best treks in Nepal, it’s also considered to be among the most exciting journeys in the world. Why do this? There are a few reasons to make it a priority for your next trip.


1. Great Travel to and From

When you do this Everest Base Camp trek, you’ll fly from Kathmandu to Lukla. This 30-minute flight is terrific as you’ll fly through the mountain. Enjoy seeing the eastern sides of the Himalaya as you reach the area where you’ll start your trek.


2. Seeing Mount Everest

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Most people have probably seen pictures of Mount Everest, but it’s an entirely different experience to see it up close. As you land at the base, you’ll be able to look up and take it all in. Seeing the mountain up close covered in clouds and snow is a fantastic sight. Before and after your trek, you’ll sit in peace below the clouds, just enjoying the view.


3. Famous Teahouses

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Of course, the hike has plenty to enjoy, but the entire mountain is covered in the traditional tea houses of Nepal. You can enjoy a warm beverage and also get to know the people who are doing the same trek. If you’re fortunate, you may even get to meet climbers who have scaled the summit of Everest. This experience is an excellent way to get to know the culture of Nepal.


4. Reaching the Base Camp

Along your way, you’ll pick up new trekking skills, even if you’re already skilled in your area. Just reaching the base camp is an excellent part of the trip and something that you’ll remember throughout your life. On your trek, you’ll get to meet the local Sherpa, the native people of Nepal. They are experts in mountain trekking and have skills that they have honed over many generations. On your hike, you’ll learn how they brave the elements and lead people up and down the mountain.


5. Learn from the Native People

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As you make the trek, you’ll experience how the native people live their lives. The mountains of Everest are filled with art from around the world in addition to pieces created by the locals. On your trip, you’ll also see how the locals grow their food. Primarily subsisting on potatoes, wheat, and buckwheat, you’ll have the opportunity to witness how they live in the mountains. You may even be able to help them with their chores if they like you! Make time out of your trip to soak in the local culture.


Although this trek isn’t as challenging as hiking to the summit of Mount Everest, it still presents a challenge. With guidance and the right company, you’ll be able to make the trip successfully. Make sure to plan out the trip, and you’ll be able to enjoy these aspects of the trek. More people than ever are exploring Everest, and it’s a spectacular experience to have in your lifetime.