Why Floor 13 Is Missing In Most High Rise Buildings

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When you step into an elevator in a hotel or high-rise apartment complex, have you ever noticed that the buttons go straight from 12 to 14? Instead, there might be a button between them with the number 12A.

Buildings taller than twelve stories obviously have a real thirteenth floor. Nonetheless, many architects still choose to leave out the number 13, going directly to the 14th floor or renaming the 13th floor in its place, due to the pervasive superstition and fear surrounding the number 13 (known as triskaidekaphobia) in Western European and American cultures. Although the precise history of 13 being considered an unlucky number has been lost to time, the superstition still influences modern building practices.

So basically, the long standing superstition surrounding the number 13 as ‘bad luck’ is why high rise buildings don’t have a floor labelled #13. In reality, this is quite a good business decision as many people wouldn’t want to stay on the 13th floor – it’s just creepy!