Why New Yorkers Prefer Renting to Buying a Car

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If you already possess a car, you probably would never think about renting one. Many believe that car leasing is very expensive in New York, thus extremely impractical. It is not entirely true and, as a matter of fact, hiring a vehicle can turn out to be even more economical solution than buying one. Especially, for people who do well using public transport, but love travelling on weekends. Price for car rental in nyc vary mainly depending on the type of a vehicle and its brand. For example, leasing a premium SUV from RealCar will cost a bit more, than hiring an economy car from Sixt. Your choice entirely depends on the priorities you set – if your priority is a small price, then the economy class is your best bet. But if safety and comfort come first, then be ready to pay a bit more for the rental.

Let’s look at the most widespread reasons behind hiring a car in New York City.

Saving on maintenance

Every time you lease a car from a rental company in New York, you get a fresh and crispy vehicle. Car owners usually have to invest a lot of money into the maintenance of their auto throughout its life. It’s inevitable due to the natural wear of car parts and accessories (brakes, tires, paint etc.) and possible breakage. This is what the vehicle lessees are freed from as, thanks to the car hire companies, car maintenance is not their concern and responsibility.

Greater mileage also equals the higher cost for maintenance. New Yorkers who have to travel on business frequently and don’t have time for the maintenance of their auto, will find a great relief to use a car rental service.

Those, who enjoy weekend trips with their families and friends, might find traveling by several vehicles costly. This is because the more cars you use, the more will be spending on petroleum and gas as well as maintenance of the vehicles. Don’t forget about automobile depreciation as it corresponds to your car’s mileage. That said, instead of taking two or more cars on a trip you can rent one spacious SUV in New York from RealCar Rentals, and save a significant amount of money.

Lesser tax payment

For a rented car, sales tax turns out to be very low as you pay only for the value of a vehicle you use. However, if you buy a car, your sales tax will be double as high.

Another matter to consider is that the leased automobile almost in all cases excludes the down payment unlike the car you buy. The down payment or an upfront payment is a sum you pay in advance before taking a vehicle off the lot. The same goes for a monthly pay – for a hired vehicle it is approximately 10% less than for a purchased auto.

Newer and better car every time

Some auto connoisseurs from the city of New York will find a huge delight in driving a fresh car that looks and smells like it was produced mere seconds ago. Moreover, with rental services, you can lease whichever vehicle you want, even a Range Rover.

If you are planning to buy a car of the newest technology and design, it would be reasonable to first try it out by renting it. As brand new cars have a significant price, leasing one will help you understand whether this car suits you. And if it does, it surely worth buying; if not, you will save yourself from disappointment and huge money loss.

Also, when you can’t buy a car right away, you will most certainly take a loan. However, banks do not give out car loans over 30 thousand dollars. So, if the car you want to buy costs more than that, renting is your best solution, until you save enough money to afford the vehicle of your dreams.

Environmentally friendly

Obviously, you won’t travel by a rented car as much as by your own. That is why, the quantity of exhaust gas polluting the air we breathe will be lower. This small contribution into the health of our planet is certainly worth such a little price to pay.

Different car for different occasions

You can rent virtually any car. But the type of vehicle you choose will depend on a purpose you pursuit. If you want to impress someone, you can hire a convertible. For affordable business travel, you can go with an economy car even when abroad, brands like naxos Greece car rental offer exceptional services. Family travels are good with Hatchbacks of SUVs. The list can go on and on, but we hope you got the idea.

Will this fit me?

It goes without saying that renting a car is not for everyone. It is a pleasure to have your personal vehicle that you can adjust to your own taste. However, buying a car does not seem like a prudent decision if you are not a frequent driver. Instead, you can choose a day when you plan to make a trip and rent an auto from any car hire company you like. This way you save on gasoline, sales tax, down payment, and more. Moreover, if you want a ride in a beautiful and big automobile, or if you plan to travel to a place with the unpleasant weather conditions, we recommend you to rent an off-road vehicle provided by RealCar rental company in New York.