Why Outdoor Advertising Is So Important In Seattle

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When someone hears the word “advertising” there’s so many things that can be thought of. Billboards, business cards, flyers, brochures, television commercials, the list goes on. However, in big cities like Seattle, WA one of the best ways to advertise is by outdoor advertising. Putting advertisements on buses, Seattle billboards, banners, trains, and windows are all prime examples of outdoor advertising. But why is it so important in Seattle specifically?

Seattle is a major city like Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Detroit, New Orleans, New York City, and many others. Business booms within those areas using outdoor advertising. Small towns don’t have that same luxury, and tend to do well with word of mouth because everybody knows everybody. Are you going to know about a brand new Greek restaurant in Greek Town/Downtown Detroit if they didn’t have signs or billboards up? No, of course not. At that point, the only way you’d know is if someone told you about it, which diminishes that restaurant’s chances of getting you to eat there if you’re a fan of Greek cuisine and have never heard of the restaurant.

Why Travel To Seattle?

Seattle is a town of many sights that are waiting to be seen. Want to see gorgeous sea creatures? Go check out Puget Sound. Interested in history? They have underground history tours all the time. Never been to the Space Needle? Go check it out! There’s multiple hour-length tours of the entire city. There’s also Mount Rainier National Park, Olympic National Park, seaplane flights, food tours, a winery, harbor cruises, half-day tours of the city, Snoqualmie Falls, airplane tours, and many other things!

When traveling to Seattle, you may want to explore their restaurants to enjoy some delicious meals. To help you find the right place, try visiting some of these breakfast Seattle options.

Why Is Advertising Important?

Advertising is an important asset to a successful business. It is quite difficult to have a successful business without advertising. The usual avenues people use for advertising are television commercials, flyers, brochures, and business cards. Advertising will attract customers to your business and keep people coming to check what your business is all about. Without advertising, the only option left to get your business out there is word of mouth. Word travels fast, yes, but advertisements travel much faster. Imagine watching your favorite television show and a commercial comes on about a company you’ve never heard of. See a business card or brochure for a place unrelated to the place you’re at? Those are two examples of advertising. Hotels advertise different places nearby that you can travel to. All of the places mentioned that you can travel to see throughout Seattle can also be used to advertise any business, big or small.

How Hard Is It To Advertise?

It’s pretty easy to advertise for anything. You pick the product you’d like to advertise (or the business in many cases), have someone put together a script if you choose a television commercial, get the actors together, and film it. If you’re wanting a flyer, business card, or a brochure done then you reach out to an artist or a designer that can put it together for you. They’ll send you some samples of what it’ll look like and you simply choose the one you’re happiest with. Or if you’re talented enough to do it yourself, then you can do that as well. That’s always an option, too, if you can do it. You can seek help from someone who can and go from there. Then, once you have your finished product, share it with everyone so you can get a good draw from potential customers. Be sure you know your audience, though, too. Target audience is always an important thing to be knowledgeable about. Your business might suffer from a lack of knowledge of your target audience.


Where Can You Advertise?

Anywhere. Pick a billboard, train, banner, flyer, brochure, business card, postcard, or anything else you’d like. There’s so many options nowadays. Some people will even use stickers on paper bags they use to bag a customer’s item that shows the company name or logo. Other companies have their name or logo printed onto the bags. The possibilities are endless on this. All you have to do is pick one. Even then, you don’t necessarily have to pick only one, either.

You can start with one, then move on to another one. You can create as many advertisements as you’d like, too. That’s the beauty of it. As long as you have the financial means to have the advertisements made, you can do as many as you’d like to do.