Why Sport A Short Beard?

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Growing a face full of beard is not everybody’s cup of tea! For some men it is easy while others have to seriously struggle, grow and take immense care of whatever stubble comes their way. However, if you make the effort then the rewards may be equally surprising. The beard- long or short- makes a great difference to your face and sense of style. It almost gives you enough character and manliness that defines you. Whether you have the best short beard styles or a clean-shaven look you can always keep changing to suit your face and sense of style. 

Why grow the hair at all?

Soft skin: Facial hair grows naturally on your face even if in small amounts or more. Growing them is the best thing that you can do for your skin. This is because using the razor on a regular basis definitely makes the skin rough and consumes a lot of your time on a busy morning. 

Hide imperfections: If you have a very slim face and no cheeks at all then the beard will definitely make you look better. Nothing can hide imperfections better than a beard. The growth of a beard increases the jaw size and draws attention to your fine set of pearlies. 

Look matured: Men with a mature face can look sexy with the best short beard styles. But if you have a baby face then it can definitely add years and make you look matured not to mention stylish.

Enhanced attractiveness: Survey has showed that women prefer men with beards as more gorgeous and sexually attractive than those without it. They appear to be tougher, masculine and more dominant in the partner selection rating system. The simple reason behind this is that the beard grows faster when the body produces more testosterone. Therefore, men sporting a three-day stubble are considered very masculine. 

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Picking a style 

If you agree to all the above reasons for growing a beard now here are some ways of choosing the right style. The various styles of moustache and beard add dimension and contrast to your face. Sporting a short beard is more time consuming but on the whole more manageable. The visits to the barber are worth the trouble when you get the complements for the same. Other than growing a beard you also have to ensure that you keep it clean. Therefore, a shorter beard is more opted for rather than the long ones of the 16th century. 

Depending on the shape of your face you can pick styles suitable for a square face like the circle beard, goatee, royale beard, and petite goatee. If your face is round then make it look slim with the van dyke beard or even the anchor beard. Men with an oval-shaped face are perfect for any of the best short beard styles. Try out the chevron, the horseshoe or the original stache. For a rectangular face you can go for the mutton chops beard which will accentuate your facial features. 

So, whatever the shape of your face just keep it styled.