Why The Rioting In Baltimore Is Immature, Ridiculous, Irrational And Sad

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The looting and rioting in Baltimore that is taking place right now as I type this is incredibly ridiculous. At what point in our society did hurting people, damaging property, burning down businesses of the innocent and just destroying the city in which you live, become an acceptable form of expression? It truly is very, very sad.

The folks rioting and looting are doing nothing but hurting themselves in the end. They claim they have a message in which they are trying to portray and maybe it is just me, but I have no clue what message they are trying to send by throwing rocks, burning down businesses and destroying their city. Holding up signs, chanting, causing a mass gathering in the middle of the streets to spread and have your voice heard is one thing. What these folks are doing…is a joke.


In the grand scheme of life and reality, not all police officers are bad people and I can almost bet that if any one of those rioters rioting in Baltimore tonight fell to the ground, dying, on the verge of their last breath…they would take a breath from one of those officers if it meant keeping them alive.  They would call the very people they are fighting if their mother was having a heart attack and they would most certainly call the police for help if one of their children were in danger and needed assistance. 


In my opinion, 99% of these rioters have zero clue as to why they are rioting and if they do have a clue…they are wasting every ounce of passion that they may have. They seem to lack intelligence, remorse, heart and perception. Whether this has to do with white, black, brown or gray skin…gay or straight people…life or death…it doesn’t give their actions validity. It makes the city of Baltimore look weaker than they are. It is very sad, immature, ridiculous and irrational.


Stand strong, get a voice not a lighter.  Stand tall, throw educated words not rocks.

Stay strong Baltimore 

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(Awesome Jelly Staff Writer : Suzie Lee)