Why You Should Consider Bronze Art

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The first bronze sculpture was made 2500 years ago, and bronze has only been getting trendier. This copper-based alloy has been a favorite among sculptors for its rich aesthetic value and it’s easy to use. But why should domestic users buy bronze sculptures?


Detailed, Quality Sculptures

Being a copper-based alloy, bronze has a low melting point. This makes it easier to cut than metals such as steel and iron which have high melting points. The artist will therefore have an easy time cutting details into the bronze, making the final product more realistic. At art-bronze-sculptures.com, the art pieces are handled by only the best sculptors in the trade; each piece treated as one of a kind. This explains their relatively high cost. Its hardness factor also allows a bronze sculpture to retain all its details over time.


They are Long-Lasting

Bronze is an incredibly durable metal. As mentioned earlier, the first sculpture known to man was 3500 years old and is still in one piece. It’s much harder than brass, making corrosion by the elements more difficult. What makes it even better is the fact that bronze is rust-resistant due to the copper infused in it. Bronze also only needs minimum maintenance to last. You don’t have to keep worrying about your bronze artwork’s longevity because it survives almost anything.


They Can Come in Different Colors

The copper in bronze reacts with oxygen to form a compound known as a patina. This patina coats the surface of the sculpture and may give it a green or brown color. However, most artists apply a man-made patina, and this is where diversity is created. These patinas can be of varying colors, whose quality may still be slightly modified by any additional patination that may occur when the sculpture is exposed to the elements. Though this does not happen all the time, it assures you that your sculpture will be anything but boring.


It is the Best Metal for Outdoor Decor

Given its great qualities, it comes as no surprise that this is the best metal for tough environments. There is no law against having bronze statuette on your coffee table. However, if you are specifically thinking of having a sculpture outdoors, you have every reason to consider one made of bronze.


Bronze is Recyclable

Due to its low melting point and easy castability, bronze is a great metal to recycle. This also translates to it being easy and affordable to repair or remodel should you wish to do so.

High quality, durable, versatile, and rust-resistant; does it get better than this? If the long history of this copper-based alloy proves anything at all, then the answer would probably be no. The countless bronze artifacts that still stand today are a testament to its durability. Their beauty can scarcely be debated either. Bronze may seem to a relic of the past, but it is definitely a metal of the future.