Wife Refuses Doctor’s Advice To Pull The Plug On Her Husband, Turns Out She Made The Right Choice

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Matt & Danielle Davis were to young adults so in love that they decided to get married and live out there rest of their days together.  Seven months later, Matt was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident.  The doctor’s sat Danielle down and advised her that if they were in her position, they would pull the plug and allow Matt to pass away. Danielle didn’t pull the plug nor did she just walk away from her husband.

The hospital sent Matt home where Danielle took care of her husband.  After several weeks, Matt spoke a few simple words “I’m trying”.  Once Matt fully came too, he was unable to remember the last three years of his life.  He didn’t know he was in an accident, he didn’t know his father had passed away and he didn’t even know the woman who was taking care of him was actually his wife.

Check out the story below, it truly shows that miracles can happen and if the will to live is there…anything can happen.

Source : Youtube