Will This Portable ‘Cork’ Tent Hold Up To The Elements Of The Great Outdoors?

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They call it ‘The Tree House’, not because of where the tent sets up, but rather because of the eco-friendly materials it is constructed out of. This awesome portable shelter is composed of sustainable cork and is a flat-pack portable dwelling made to replace conventional synthetics-based tents.


The question is, will it hold up to the elements in which the great outdoors throws at us camping fanatics?


An award-winning design collaboration between Ana Correia, Vasco Lopes, Vera Gomes for Dideia (via YankoDesign), it is chemical-free and environmentally-safe, lightweight and portable, and utilizes the positive thermal properties of cork to its advantage.

Just like an ordinary tent design, it rolls and folds into a compact and simple-to-store form that can be deployed as needed, and unwinds into a cocoon-like cylindrical shape with built-in insulation, breathable flaps, a small porthole for light and views and a custom-fit bedroll and pillow inside.

The tent is just a prototype at this present time…who knows if it will ever catch on! They do look pretty cool though!



So, what do you think? A good idea or a design that should simply be forgotten?


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